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US - Pilot Training Manuals - Flight Manuals - Manuels d'entrainement pilote US- Manuels de vol US
AT-6-C (SNJ-4) (Harvard-IIA) Pilots Flight Operating Instructions
AT-6-D/F (SNJ-5/6) (Harvard-III) Pilots Flight Operating Instructions
B-17 Boeing Flying Fortress Pilot Training Manual
B-17G Boeing Flying Fortress Flight Manual
B-24 Liberator (Navy PB4Y-1) Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions (1944)
B-24 Privateer (Navy PB4Y-2) Pilot's Flight Manual (1945)
B-24 Liberator Pilot Training Manual (1945)
B-25 Mitchell Original manual (1944) (AAF)
B-25J Mitchell Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions (Navy PBJ-1J - British model Mitchell III)
B-26 Martin Pilot Training Manual, 1944
B-26 Marauder Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions Manual
B-29 Boeing Super Fortress Commander Training Manual
B-29 Boeing Super Fortress Pilots Flight Operating Instructions Manual
C-47 Douglas Pilot Training Manual AAF (1944)
DC-3 Douglas Aircraft Operations Manual (1946)
F4U-4 Vought Pilot 's Handbook of flight operation instructions (1944)
F4U-5, -5N, -5N1, -5 Vought Corsair Navy Models Pilot's Handbook (1950)
F6F (3 - 5) Grumman Pilot Training Manual
F-80B / F-80C Lockheed Pilots Flight Operating Instructions
F-86 Sabre Pilot's Flight Operating Manual (1956)
P-38 Lockheed Pilot Training Manual
P-40 Pilot Training Manual
P-47N Thunderbolt Republic pilot's training manual
P-51 Mustang Pilot Training Manual
P-61 Black Widow Northrop Pilot Training Manual
P-80 Lockheed Pilotís Flight Operating Instructions
TBM-3 Avenger Grumman Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions (1944)
Allison V-1710 Aircraft Engine Operation & Maintenance Manual
Allison V-1710 E/F Engines Service School Handbook
Allison V-1710 Operators manual (1942)
Rolls-Royce Merlin / Packard V-1650 Maintenance Instructions Manual
Rolls-Royce Merlin 66 67 70 71 76 77 85 Engine Technical Manual
Wright Cyclone R-1820 Radial Engine Manual
Wright Cyclone R-1820 Service/ Maintenance Instructions
Wright Cyclone R-1820 Illustrated Parts Instructions Manual
Turbosuperchargers WWII General Electric Field Service Manua
Aircraft Instruments WWII Principles and Operations
Aircrewman's Gunnery Manual 1944
Automatic Flight Control System C-1
Bendix Chin Turret Manual
Bendix Chin Turret Model-D Manual
Bombardier's Information File
Bombing Training Manual - Restricted Information For Bombardier's
Glide Bombing - USN Manual - "How to do it" (1945)
Naval Aviation / Flight thru Instruments (1945)
Navigator's Information File
Pilot's Information File 1944
Primary Flying WWII Army Air Forces Flight Training Manual
Radar Observer's Bombardment Information File
Radio Operator's Information File

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